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Gail Nichols CEOGail Nichols CEOHello and welcome!  I'm Gail Nichols, CEO of Willow Consortium LLC.  Safe Wealth Creation and College Planning Dream Team are divisions.

As a CPA Team Based Model Consultant, I focus on working with CPAs, helping them offer more proactive and holistic planning to their clients to help them with advanced tax planning strategies. 

I work with individuals and business owners and their accountants to improve cash flow, reduce taxes and eliminate debt quickly as well as grow their wealth safely and predictably whether markets go up, down or sideways so they can have financial security and peace of mind.

A former Registered Nurse, I extended my education and experience to include real estate, banking, securities, insurance (life, health, legal expense), sales, marketing and telecommunications. Together with my husband and business partner, Richard Cherry, we invented and operated the original virtual call center technology and business method in 1994 as Willow CSN. Today it's called and provides employment for over 25,000 home-based customer service representatives servicing major corporations in the USA, Canada and the UK.

I'm a published author, and have worked and lived in the United States and Canada. I currently reside in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

Outside of work, I'm an avid walker, writer, and public speaker, and am involved in numerous charitable organizations and networking groups.

I represent a wide array of excellent national financial institutions and so I am able to match the various financial needs of my clients with the most appropriate products and services available.  

Email me about our free Financial Education Seminars & Webinars for your office or group.

Order my best-seller book "MONEY NOW SAFELY: Your Financial Gap" in Kindle eBook  or Paperback  It's a quick read! In this book, you'll learn stuff that will amaze, shock and surprise you.  But, what you do with what you learn will determine your future.  It's about simple strategies wealthy people use every day. 

Our firm represents a broad range of financial institutions and insurance companies. This enables us to offer you - our client - a wider choice of financial services and insurance products.  We specialize in helping you grow your savings, reduce your debt and avoid costly pitfalls. We help you match your college-bound children with the right universities and maximize your financial aid.

We never invoice you - we are paid directly by the financial institutions.

Book time to discuss AFLAC Cash Benefits for your Office, Association or for IndividualsCash when you get sick or hurt so you can pay your bills at home.  Peace of Mind. 365 Days a Year

Click Here to schedule a complimentary online consultation with Gail - and get a Free Gift of "MONEY NOW SAFELY: Your Financial Gap" in Kindle eBook  or Paperback !