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Welcome !  We enable Business Owners and Executives to increase profits 28% to 50% and reduce risk, costs and taxes.

We help Families become Debt-Free (including their mortgage) in 9 years or less WITHOUT spending any more than now.

We help Accountants provide their business clients more proactive and holistic tax planning, cost reduction and growth strategies.

We deliver results by partnering and supporting the core competencies and uniqueness of our clients. Each solution is customized through our cutting edge global services, proprietary training, and global expert team. Together, we've helped save companies billions of dollars over the last 30 years. And we've helped thousands of folks save safely for retirement.

We are a Global Partner of Above The Standard cost reduction and business growth services globally.

If you would like to discuss services and partnership further:

Click Here to Book 15 minute Exploratory call 

Call/Text: 305-807-2725 (mobile)

Looking forward to helping you succeed and prosper,

Warm regards,

Gail Nichols

CEO of Willow Consortium LLC.

Global Partner of Above The Standard